Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 30, 2009

We are the news

The Kaplans are very proud to be featured in the local paper twice in three weeks. That never happened, EVER, in the Foster City Islander.

Check out Zachary on the FRONT PAGE (this link is a PDF) (this link should take you to a website) of last week’s paper. This proud Tiger Scout collected canned food (or rather Mom did from our own pantry) along with the other Cub Scouts (who actually followed directions and collected extra food bags from their neighbors). You’ll see Zachary in the front row – the only Tiger Scout who forgot to wear his cap. Oops! We also forgot umbrellas, for the rainy-day parade to welcome home U.S. troops.

Thank you to photographer Albert Paglialunga (no, I can’t pronounce his name either) for making our son famous.

And then there’s Mark. Mark who loves writing letters to the editor like all those other crazy people. Back story: a resident complained about the  money spent to quiet a train in our section of town, saying how quaint the sounds of yesteryear are, and that us losers who bought on this side of town should have known better. Which drew the ire of Mark Kaplan.

With his signature wit and charm, he blasted that resident for not keeping up with the times in this letter to the editor (it’s on the right hand side – “southside resident looks forward to quiet”).

I don’t blame you for skipping the link. His best line is: “For those who feel otherwise and wax notstalgic for the sounds of yesteryear, I hope you are enjoing the clicketyclacking of your typewriters and clippety-clopping of your horse and buggies.”

Well, at least he makes me laugh.



  1. I want you all to notice that Zachary’s shirt is tucked in and he’s wearing a belt. Proud Mama.

  2. Debbie, I can’t see the text of Mark’s letter, and I really, really want to. Is there another link??

    • I’m not sure why the link isn’t working – still figuring out WordPress. Here’s the link:
      Here’s the letter (though the type may be small)
      As someone who lives on the southside
      of Westfield, suffers from bouts of insomnia
      and who can hear the trains very
      well, I am delighted about the new quiet
      Next summer, I also look forward to
      being able to sleep with my windows
      open and not run my air conditioning,
      thereby reducing my carbon footprint.
      Yes, it was my choice to live within
      earshot of the trains. But it is preposterous
      to suggest that in doing so, I have forever
      forfeited any chance of progress.
      Whoever led the effort to establish the
      quiet zone should get a medal. One thing
      that makes our country great is its willingness
      to embrace the new and not be tethered
      to the past.
      For those who feel otherwise and wax
      nostalgic for the sounds of yesteryear, I
      hope you are enjoying the clicketyclacketing
      of your typewriters and
      clippety-clopping of your horse and buggies

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