Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | December 14, 2009

And your audience is…

Must say – I was a bit baffled at our downtown shopping corporation’s latest directory cover/back cover shots. Who are they trying to attract as shoppers? My babysitter and her 16 year old boyfriend? (okay, for the record, our babysitters aren’t this hot, nor are their skirts this short)

Does this look the typical outfit you wear shopping? What straight 16 year old guy would be caught dead shopping in a suit? Even with a girlfriend weraing a mini and dominatrix shoes? (well maybe I just answered my own questions).

And by the way, those shopping bags all look empty.

Now they’re walking home, after a successful day buying paper shopping bags – with Mom and Dad’s credit cards. They have to walk, you see, because the legal driving age in New Jersey is 17. I hope she doesn’t get blisters.


  1. I cannot wait to go shopping in New Jersey… there’s no sales tax on clothing, right? And by the way, ALL of my babysitters wear dominatrix shoes like this. We don’t allow them without them. hahaha

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