Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | December 17, 2009

Only in NJ

A reputed mobster goes to court for sentencing. He was charged with illegal weapons possession, including silencers. semi-automatic handguns, pistols and ammunition. And a map of Long Island (the map wasn’t illegal, last time I checked, but in proximity to the guns????). He’s thought to be part of an Italian crime family, where he apparently sold counterfeit electronics and clothing.

We’re good so far? Mobster in New Jersey with guns and a map of Long Island. Check. Sells counterfeit goods. Check.

At the sentencing, more than 90 letters were presented to the judge about what a pillar of the community he is. One letter in particular is from a Bergen County police chief. Who is dating the mobster’s daughter. Let me repeat that. The police chief was dating the mobster’s daughter and is writing a letter to ease sentencing of a convicted criminal.

Only in New Jersey.

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