Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | December 17, 2009

We’re in the paper…again

My kids take after their daddy, writing letters to the editor. Here’s their first one (you can download it in PDF form here – look for the “download this newspaper link on the top left – it’s on page 8 of the PDF):

Westfield Youths Provide Suggestions

The world is in trouble. People should take more care of the earth because this is our one and only earth and no one can give us a new one. Too many trees are chopped down each minute. People pollute too much. Too many animals are killed when they could be running free. Here is what we can do to help. We can use more dead trees and chop down less. We can kill fewer animals. We can also pay to help animals and plant trees. It’s helpful when people reuse trash by using it to make other things. It is great to compost and you can compost with grass, leaves, old or rotten fruit and other things like that. We can use electric cars instead of gas cars, and walk instead of driving when we can.

Dori and Zack Kaplan

Ages 8 and 6


I’m proud of my kiddos.


  1. Wow. You certainly should be proud of your kids! That’s a great letter!

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