Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | January 4, 2010

Stupid criminals

I can’t resist stories about stupid criminals, and I’ve been collecting them as fodder in my folder of items to post here. But alas, time has gotten away from me and I’m busy trying to make a living instead of just entertaining you.

So I was quite happy when Inside Jersey magazine did the work for me, rounding up the top stupid criminal stories of 2009 in NJ. A few highlights:

-three cars with theives trying to rip off the toll collection on the New Jersey Turnpike. They chose one of the least trafficked toll booths in the state (15X) – where they scored very little in the cash department.

-a 19 year old going with his friend to court, empties his marijuana into the tray before going through the metal detector. D’oh!

You can read the entire article here.

Unfortunately not listed here is the guy who dressed as a woman and stole his mother’s bank card, trying to get  $700 from her bank account at the drive-through teller. The guy used his own voice, and the teller called the cops when things didn’t seem right.

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