Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | January 6, 2010

School Registration

In many California public schools, “registration” is another word for “stand in line.” Think of Baywood, with its overnight camp-out to get in. Even our own Audubon had lines on registration day two years ago – the first I’d heard of (as its the least popular school in Foster City). The fear? Your child left behind. And enrolled in a lesser school – EVEN THOUGH you paid big bucks to live in the proper district.

Ah yes, they TELL you at the information night that if you register by a certain date (2 months after registration begins) that you’ll get into your neighborhood school. But tell that to the parent whose child is put  on the waiting list because registration is higher than expected and the school is at capacity.

We just got registration information for new students in our New Jersey district. Get this – you should call ahead of time to reserve your APPOINTMENT for registration on that day. That’s so civilized!

Each child needs to have their vaccines and physical exam done by registration (mid-January).  At least this year, it appears they have a standardized medical form on the district website. We got a registration packet from the school this past spring with a medical form in it, but of course lost it during the move.

You see the medical exam had to come from a New Jersey doctor – apparently California doctors aren’t acceptable. We went to the doctor figuring she would have the form – after all she works in the same city and the forms are standardized, right? Wrong. The doctor’s office does NOT have the form. Nor did the district office – they said each school had its own. Which is ridiculous. How many ways are there to format immunization shot dates?

It’s nice to know that we don’t have to wait in any lines this year for school registration, or to even call for an appointment.

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