Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | January 19, 2010

The Joys of Moving

Fortunately most of the hassles of moving are behind us. The Sprint cell phones that didn’t get coverage. The inside phone line that didn’t work. The DSL line that didn’t work. The Verizon bill that was wrong four months in a row. The trash companies that wouldn’t answer the phone so we could sign up for service. We’ve ironed out those details.

I just got a State Farm bill to renew our homeowners insurance. In California. Which means it was never cancelled. The good news: they owe us money. They had a record of my call to them looking for an agent in New Jersey. They knew we were moving.

I had to spend 30 minutes plowing through my moving paperwork to find a closing statement that showed the date we closed on the house. At least I’ll need that sheet for tax prep this year, so it wasn’t in vain.

The other fun thing we deal with here is our bank. We were happy not to have to switch bank accounts – there’s a Bank of America in our town and the next town over. The problem? (you know there has to be a problem). California’s software system isn’t merged with the rest of the country’s. Which means when we go to the teller, they give us a funny look and start punching more and more buttons, and then call over a manager. Who then says “is this account from California?” They know we have an account. They know our balance. But that’s it. They don’t know the type of account, or details of any recent transactions.

We COULD change our account number. But it’s already hooked up with auto bill pay and PayPal, and who knows what else. Plus I have two shiny new boxes of checks with our California account number on them.  

Of course out here they’re charging us for a safety deposit box – we got a free one in California.

Fortunately, the ATM works just fine – including check deposits. As long as I don’t step into the bank, I’m fine.


  1. Your B of A experience made me laugh. It’s worse than you think: I opened my account in 1986 in Santa Barbara, technically Southern California. SoCal and NoCal IT systems don’t really talk to each other either; after 15 years of marriage I was finally getting around to adding Kevin’s name to that account and it took a lot of button-pushing and extra signatures to link things. And then there was the re-fi experience, trying to wire money from our CA BofA account to the title company’s BofA account that turned out to be in FL. Oh, the confusion that provoked!

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