Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | January 24, 2010

Sweet gum balls for sale!

I had no idea that my sweet gum ball post would create so much discussion. As my sister was reading it (thanks for subscribing, sis!), she called to tell me her daughter was out at that moment picking up “pokey balls” at a friend’s house – in California.

And my dad told me that people are looking to buy them on the internet. So I went in search of those people. And I found a company, aptly named Treedroppings, that sells 20 balls for $4. Wow!

If there are actual buyers, I could send the kids to college (or maybe even summer camp) based on the bags of these things in our garage. At these rates, our entire block is basically paved with gold.

But many more of the posts were from other people complaining about them, so I may have some spikey ball sales competition. I found one additional use, however, recommended by an internet user – use them in a slingshot to hit pesky neighborhood kids. So look out!

Just discovered the Weasel Nut Gatherer. It’s a contraption that looks like a Fisher Price baby toy with a wire mesh oval connected to a stick. You push it over the balls, acorns, nuts etc., and they get caught inside. Brilliant! It works to pick up gum balls and monkey balls.


  1. Oh, please please please if you find a buyer please let me know! Our sweetgum tree is the one that shades our house–my husband likes to think of every ball that drops as a dollar of air conditioning he didn’t have to pay for. But we do fret that someone will break an ankle on them!

  2. Are you still up for selling your sweetgum balls? I have a pesky neighborhood dog ruining all my landscaping and someone told me to place the sweetgum balls around my bushes to keep him out!

  3. Next time I do a collection I’ll email you,.No charge!

    • That would be wonderful.

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