Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | January 26, 2010

The Kosher Section

When I first went to my local grocery store (Shop-Rite), I was shocked at how large the kosher section was. They have chocolate covered jelly-rings all year round (not just at Passover). Not that I acutally LIKE jelly rings, mind you, but they have them. You’ll see the huge array of Sabra hummus. That doesn’t include the other brands of hummus elsewhere in the store.

Even at Mollie Stone’s in the Bay Area, which was the best place to go for kosher grocery foods, didn’t have a freezer section this size. It would have been the equivalent of one door’s worth.

Granted, not all the grocery stores in our area have kosher sections this big. Nor do we keep stritly kosher (we call our version Kaplan Kosher style), but we’ve certainly frequenting the kosher section more now that we’re here.


  1. The east coast has come a long way in the Kosher department for sure. Between Trader Joe’s and even our little local Co-op, I can get almost anything. And yes, even our regular grocery store has moved in a Kosher section in the ethnic foods aisle, right next to the Chinese, which cracks me up.

  2. Looks like a Super Jew SuperMarket!

  3. Which store is this? We like the ShopRite in Bound Brook for our own version of kosher.

  4. […] Our local ShopRite put out its big Passover display a few weeks back. I figured I’d grab a few items, like a […]

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