Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | February 5, 2010

Quality of Life

In my spare time, while the kids are in school, I browse through Science Magazine. Oh wait – that’s Mark. I browse through People (thanks June!).

Mark sent me a study from a recent Science issue – showing the quality of life reported by various citizens in each state of the country. We in New Jersey are ranked 47th in life satisfaction. New York comes in dead last (yes, #50). Before you get all high on your horses, you Californians, you were only ranked 43rd. Not far behind us.

As for the rest of my readers, I’ll give a few stats: Pennsylvania is #35, Arizona is #20, Washington state is #41, Wisconsin is #37, Massachusetts is #27, Florida is #10, Hawaii is #38, and who is #1? Wyoming. I don’t know anyone there.

The full article is here – though you have to have a Science membership or pay per view (who thought I’d say ‘pay per view’ about a Science article?) So for you, my loyal readers, maybe only Audrey E can access it. If anyone wants the PDF, email me. I’m off to catch up on People.


  1. I think there was a typo in CA’s rating, eh? Glad you are enjoying People!

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