Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | February 11, 2010

Our snowfall was bigger than yours

Woo hoo! Our town of Westfield was reported to be the town with the biggest snowfall in New Jersey during yesterday’s storm. We got 17.5 inches according to the National Weather Service.

We won!!!!

However, according to unofficial Kaplan backyard measurements (with our new yardstick from Home Depot), our home only received 13″. If it’s more impressive to you, though, we’ll just say we got 17.5″.

In other snow day news, the rescheduled electrician never bothered to call today with his appointment time to fix our outlets. I finally tracked him down and now he’s coming at dinner time. How convenient. The washer repair guy never showed (or called) for his 1:00-4:00 window. I tracked him down too. Apparently he was running late and just assumed we’d wait around for him til after 5:00.  We wouldn’t, since Dori had a rehearsal at 4:00 (she was 25 minutes late by the time we got there). I left her there and rushed Zack to his 5:15 appointment. Which they cancelled and rescheduled for next week.

I’m feeling a little stood up today. Fortunately we have cookies at home. I’m eating them for dinner.

At least we had the highest snowfall in the state. That’s worth something.

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