Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | March 8, 2010

My son, the artist

I bet you didn’t know about my son’s immense artistic talent. I didn’t know either. Until I got a letter from the school district’s supervisor of fine arts (did we even have one of those in California?). She, and our school’s art teacher recognized his budding artistry and sent us this letter.

“Let me be the first to congratulate Zachary on having the distinct honor of being one of 376 student artists from Westfield Public Schools to have their artwork selected for display during March.” 

Yes, the emphasis on 376 students was mine. He’s in elite company, you see. His artwork was selected for display in an optical shop downtown, one of 60 downtown stores displaying visionary artwork (did you get the pun? ha ha) from Westfield’s youth.

In case you were wondering about the inclusion criteria, here it is: “It is not a competition…the artwork represents children of all levels of age and ability. Pieces are chosen for various reasons: work ethic, commitment to the project, proficiency, emotional uplifting (sic), and appropriate medium for the chosen store.”

I’m pretty sure Zack’s was chosen for the last reason. The art project (chosen by the art teacher) was to color a pair of paper eyeglasses.


  1. […] art gallery We got another letter home that Zachary’s art was being featured by the school district. It’s hanging in the school district’s “art gallery,” otherwise known as […]

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