Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | March 25, 2010

The Welcome Club

You know you live in a small town when the Welcome Wagon lady comes to visit you when you move in. I’m serious! She’s paid by the chamber of commerce, and she arrives handing out coupons and brochures. She visited right after we moved in. She told me about the Westfield Welcome Club, which I figured was for losers with no local friends. Yes, exactly. For people like ME. But I envisioned women with no social skills desperately trying to make a friend since no one else would talk to them.

Eight months later I’ve met a number of people, but really haven’t had more than a handful of ladies nights out. I do miss my Rosh Chodesh group, Rainbow Bears group and El Camino Mom’s Group.

I heard from several locals that the Welcome Club is actually NOT made up of losers and they offer options for meeting nice women (via dinners, book clubs, playgroups, etc.). Plus, they had a wine and cheese reception, and it’s hard to turn down a glass of wine. Even if it does have ice in it. Okay, to be fair, no one at THIS reception put ice in their wine. Probably because there was no ice bucket out.

It turned out to be a great group of down-to-earth women – some moving here from the next town over, some who have been part of the club for 7 years. Okay, they’re not so new anymore. But they were welcoming.

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