Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | March 26, 2010

School Shows

In our town, the big fundraisers for each elementary school seem to be a show. Parents are the “directors” and “producers” and in most cases, the kids are featured (one school puts on a parent-written, parent-acted, parent-choreographed show which was quite a performance!).

Our school just had its Jubilee. Kids signed up to perform in a song – the mothers/directors for those songs choreographed it and taught the kids the moves. They also planned the costumes (we paid for those, and for tickets to watch). The kids practiced for an hour weekly after school.

Once in awhile, he actually did his moves – the rest of the time he stood there and looked around.


Dori had a blast. And what a difference in dancing abilities between first and third grade.



  1. […] music is unless I go to an actual bar/bat mitzvah and hear it. Or I go to our school’s Jubilee, where the kids dance to today’s latest music, much of which I’d never heard before. I […]

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