Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | April 9, 2010

Go Colitis!

When we moved to Westfield, I had no clue about the popularity of the elementary school teacher’s volleyball match-up. Each year, the six elementary schools play one of the other elementary schools as a fundraiser (for the glamorous Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America – go colitis!). The game is so popular that tickets sold out in two days – if we didn’t get tickets, I think Dori would have stopped talking to me.  She could barely sleep the night before the big game.

This year, we played the Washington Wildcats (or the Washington Weenies, as Dori liked to call them). They were undefeated. We sported the largest volleyball team roster I’ve ever seen – 21 members (with 6 on the court at any given time).

Here’s Flat Stanley from Foster City at the game.

Imagine sitting in a sauna with loudspeakers blasting in your ears – loudspeakers with children’s screaming voices. Yes, that’s what the game was like. We made the mistake of sitting in the 3rd to top row of the bleachers. No one told us the kids line the back two rows and scream for an hour straight. I didn’t think to bring my ear plugs. 

Our fans all wore matching school shirts (the PTO gives each kid a shirt for their time at the school). Of course we couldn’t find Zachary’s. He was pretty upset about that.

It was best of three games, and they were very close. Washington won the first game, but then we won 27-25 and 25-21. The crowds went wild and rushed the court. We beat the undefeated. It will be a very good day at school today.

The other good news is that the kids showered without complaint when we got home. They were dripping wet with sweat, and had flushed cheeks.

Mark, who had his company basketball championship game that night didn’t go to volleyball (and he lost at basketball too). When we got home, after hearing what a great game it was, Mark asked, “did they set, bump and spike?” Uh, no, not usually. “They just hit it over? That’s not real volleyball,” he said. Mark obviously does not have the Jaguar spirit. He was also upset to hear that they played music during the game. “You don’t play music during volleyball games,” he said. I just shook my head. Hey – they played Hotel California.

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