Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | April 17, 2010

It’s a miracle!

Last January, we found out our chances of getting into the community pool were slim. We were something like #265 on the waiting list – and if things went as they did last year, there were be few getting in off the wait list this year. We were told summer 2011 was more likely. Renewals were due on April 15th (I even marked it on my calendar).

Imagine my surprise today as I got the mail, and found a letter from the recreation department (postmarked 4/16/10) telling us our waitlist application was approved. As long as we pay our $350 by April 30th, we’re in.

It’s possible that Dori’s school civics essay, where she had to solve a problem, worked. She wrote about the community pool, and how it was unfair to new residents that they have to wait years to get in. She proposed that we all get together and raise money to make the pool bigger so more people could join. The mayor was going to read some of the 3rd grade essays, and just maybe, he read hers and moved our application to the front of the list.

Or more likely, fewer past members renewed this year. I don’t really care – we’re in. No more calling around to find out who is going to the pool so they can let us in. Or standing out in front hoping someone will take pity on us and let us be their guests. It’s like we’ll actually be part of the community, and not standing outside the gated barrier looking in longingly.


  1. My guess is that with NJ budget cuts, the township pool is looking for as much $ as they can get, so they “relaxed” the membership #s! At any rate, enjoy!

  2. Good point Michelle! They certainly “relaxed” their standards by letting US in!!!!

  3. […] I didn’t enter to win that one, but I did win two awesome items – an indulgence basket (with a manicure certificate Dori wants, Dove chocolate items Dori wants, a bunch of fabulous Mary Kay products that Dori wants, soft socks which Dori wants, and some soy candles), and a 2 week CSA (fruits/veggies) subscription to Alan’s Orchard (featured in my famous Good Morning America segment). And I’ll avoid the wait list to continue with the program (I’m on the wait list now – it’s almost as long as the waiting list for the pool). […]

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