Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | April 28, 2010

Water ice, ice pops & tricky tray redux

I just got back from a conference in NYC, which is why there was a gap in posting. I know you greatly missed my posts, but there you go.

While at dinner one night, I decided to quiz my companions on Jersey lingo. I was with two New Yorkers (one from Brooklyn), and one a woman from Chicago/Nashville.

Me: Do you know what a water ice is?

There was silence until one of the New Yorkers said “is that an Italian ice?” Then the Chicago/Nashville woman said “what’s an Italian ice?”

Me: Do you know what an ice pop is?

There was silence until the Chicago/Nashville woman finally said “is that a popsicle?”

Me: Do you know what a tricky tray is?

There was just silence. And funny looks. I got the same funny looks when I said “do you know what a 50/50 is?”

So I tried this on my conference roommate, a friend from California.

Me: Do you know what a water ice is?

Her: No.

Me: It’s an Italian ice.

Her: What’s an Italian ice? Is it like a snow cone?

Me: Sort of – but its not in a cone, and the ice is more refined. But the syrup is similar.

Her: So it’s like a slushie.

Me: No. A slushie is like a snow cone, but in a big cup. The ice is coarser and you drink it or use a straw.

Her: My kids like the slushies at 7-11.

Me: That’s not a slushee. That’s a Slurpee. Slurpees are fabulous – the ice is in really tiny pieces.

Her: Like an Icee.

Me: An Icee is a different brand of Slurpee but it’s not as good.

Then we decided to change the subject.


  1. Didn’t know about “tricky tray” dinners. What’s that again? I’m really enjoying your posts about learning to speak Jersey.

  2. Read my previous post about Tricky Trays here.

    Gail – I loved your post about Bovellas. Very sweet. When we moved in, one of our neighbors brought us a box of their cookies – we’ve been back many times since. And they’re certified kosher!

  3. Just saw this. Thanks! We’ve been there a lot, too–a little too much!

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