Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | May 3, 2010

Needles Ashore

What kind of ass dumps 260+ used syringes and other medical waste into the public waterways? A 61 year old New Jersey dentist, that’s who. For reasons not explained in this newspaper story, a dentist took his boat into an inlet, and dumped the bag of waste out. A few days later the needles started coming ashore in Avalon, a coastal town that had to close its beaches for 5 days.

The guy only got 4 years probation and and had to pay $100,000 in clean-up expenses. I think he should have had to spend his time out there picking up the damn needles himself. And he should have lost his dental license.


  1. He’s never had an explanation either. And he actually was paid and up to date with his medical waste disposal stuff. Totally inexplicable.

  2. Why someone would do this is just beyond me. Ick.

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