Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | May 27, 2010

Italian Ice – here it is

Okay – many of you (from outside New Jersey and Pennsylvania) had no idea what an Italian Ice was last time I posted about it.

So here it is. 

You’re looking at a combination of green apple with lemon cherry rainbow something. I don’t know what the hell I ordered to be honest. But it was good. Each flavored ice comes in its own tub. I got it from the Penguin Italian Ice truck.

Zachary decided to get ice cream from the competition.

Poor Dori missed out because we had just dropped her off at her tennis lesson, and we were on our way to baseball practice. The Italian Ice guy said business was a little slow, in spite of the 90 degree heat. He said there were no baseball games, so I told him about Zack’s practice. He should have known about it already. His truck shows up there weekly (or someone’s truck does). So he came in the middle of practice. The boys were so hot the coaches called an end to practice and bought them all ices. That Penguin guy owes me a freebie!


  1. We know our trucks as “the ice cream guy” and the “really really good ice cream guy”. Not sure of what gives one distinction over the other, but the kids do. I know that prior to allergy concerns we hired a truck to come to school for a treat. Those days are gone, but they sure were fun and delicious!

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