Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | May 28, 2010

The Garden

There’s a reason New Jersey is called the Garden State. It’s lush here. I decided to start my own vegetable garden. This in spite of a lack of success with container gardening in California. There, I planted a tomato seedling from my friend Ron, whose own back yard crops bubbled over with fresh tomatoes and other veggies. My plant eventually died, but not before producing one solitary small tomato. The rat got it just before I was to pick it. Same thing with my strawberry plant – two strawberries in one season – both plucked from the vine by backyard critters.

Here’s the planter I built.

The larger plants were purchased, but the small sprouts I grew from seed. The sprouts include acorn squash and bell peppers (with seeds I gathered from our own eating this winter), lettuce and parlsey from packets, and a few unknown (presumably) squash sprouts we found growing in our compost bin. The acorn squash took off and I’m curious to see what will happen.

I’m trying the hanging tomato plant thing this year – two versions. The larger one was purchased – the hanging green bag with sprouts coming out the side was planted from seed.

 Since it’s been so hot lately, the kids found a new pastime – their own water slide. Place the slip-and-slide at the bottom of the slide for an extra long ride.

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