Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | June 15, 2010

Announcing our new baby…


It’s horribly out of tune, but the price was right and the tuner comes on Monday.

We weren’t in the market for a piano, however Zack has been asking for lessons since we visiting my folks in March. I wasn’t sure what he would practice on, and wasn’t keen on buying a keyboard or the drawn out process of searching for a piano to buy or rent.

Then comes Freecycle’s local sister email list (buy/sell/share info). Someone was cleaning out their dead client’s home and selling/ditching all the contents. It’s a long story (involving an Ebay auction we lost, a piano tuner, and hoarding family (not us)). I’ll spare you the details. I briefly considered taking the seller up on her offer to use her U-Haul for free, and recruiting some neighbors to help us. I even watched You Tube videos on how to move a baby grand piano (hint: it involves taking its legs off). Then I decided we really liked our neighbors and we’d probably drop the piano. So the piano movers came on Friday.

The hardest part was getting that dolly up our broken walkway.

Door to door – that piano went from their house to ours in all of 30 minutes. It took a flat 6 minutes for the three movers to get the legs off the piano, wrap it up, put it on a dolly and get it out of the seller’s house.  (June – check out your chair!)


  1. It’s beautiful! (I LOVE your green walls, too!)

    Happy playing!

  2. Who’s the father? I thought my surgery was supposed to prevent babies

  3. Debbie, a surprised “What?” followed by a click proved you’re wickedly funny. “Announcing our new baby!”

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