Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | June 17, 2010

First Comes Love…

Then comes marriage. Then comes the gun out of the baby carriage!

According to this newspaper story: 23 year old mom drops her two kids off at their dad’s house. She then looks through their dad’s cell phone and finds his new girlfriend’s number. She calls the girlfriend and argues with her. Dad grabs the phone and locks himself in the bathroom. Mom kicks in the door. Dad wrestles her to the ground in the hallway. She pulls a gun out of the baby carriage and shoots at him.

Best line of the story: “A police spokesman said it isn’t known if one of the children was in the carriage with the gun.” (Thank you to my loyal reader Mark (my husband is the best) for sending me this story.)

And if that’s not enough! Thank you to the New Jersey Girl Scout leader who allegedly stole the identity of two other volunteers…and opened credit cards in their names. Then she spent $2126 on them. Fortunately they’re in a different district than us, and Dori decided not to be a Girl Scout next year. So you’re off the hook buying cookies from her. Just give us your credit card number and your mother’s maiden name instead.

And last in the bad New Jersey mom stories…(though I don’t know if the Girl Scout leader is a mom, and the gun-toting mom is actually a New Yorker)…

Another woman from the SAME TOWN as the Girl Scout leader left her 12 year old behind by herself while she went to Washington state to get married. She left the girl with $10, lots of food and drinks, and said a friend would check in on her. The friend did, three different days. But then Mom called to say her return flight was cancelled and she was TAKING THE BUS home. She was supposed be gone June 3-6.

By June 9, the state found out about it, and a police officer found the girl in “messy aartment that reeked of animal urine.” Mom, who had sole customdy, is now in jail. The girl missed at least one day of school and was supposed to care for herself and the dogs. She was afraid to shower because she said the front door sometimes unlocks itself. Not sure who’s watching the girl now.

I often have my doubts about how good a mother I am. But now I’m convinced. I’m AWESOME.


  1. You’re only an awesome mom in Jersey. In California you thought you were so hot?

  2. Totally needed this today. Thanks!

  3. and I thought I was a neglectful mother because I don’t have a fun game/craft/activity/scrapbooking session/daytrip planned for every minute of my kids upcoming summer vacation. thanks!

  4. See — I thought I was a bad mom for taking them to preschool early, because they were getting on my nerves! Now I know, I rock!

  5. Debbie, I love this! You’re right, we all rock! I thought I was a bad mom for not making sure Charlie’s camp snack made it to the car (since I asked him to carry it) and then having to buy him a junky snack at the liquer store near camp!

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