Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | June 21, 2010

Bulk trash pick-up

It’s bulk trash pick-up in our town this week. And that means every day is like a city-wide garage sale, where everything is FREE. If you want your bulk items picked up, you first have to buy a city permit ($50). Then you can put it out over the weekend, for pick-up on an undisclosed date during the upcoming week. Or you can just put your stuff out without a permit and watch it disappear. Some people are even driving by and dumping their own stuff at other people’s houses.

Each day our street is getting increasing amounts of traffic (I know, because my office faces the street) with cars stopping at all hours of the night picking through the stuff and hauling it away for free. This is actually a good thing, since it’s less that goes to the landfill, and more that gets recycled. 

We’re having a difficult time walking to/from school because my kids keep stopping to look at the toys and stuffed animals. “Can I have it, can I have it?” they beg. NO!

But it’s incredible how much totally useable stuff people put out, without trying to find a proper home for it first (through awesome services like Freecycle or Craigslist’s free postings). There’s tons of furniture, including desks, mattresses, beds, book shelves, couches, chairs and more (granted, most of it’s ugly). Lots of old TVs. Toys. Sporting equipment (lots of golf bags). Luggage. Shoes. Electrical appliances. Silk plants. Animal cages. Perfectly good car seats (I know, many car seats aren’t safe to get used, but booster seat are!).

Sadly, we saw a large 3rd grade group painting project similar to the one Dori did this year in school. Sitting at the curb in the trash. Not that I blamed the family. But it looked so sad. The pride of four kids who toiled together to create the work of art. Now awaiting the dumpster.

Thanks to one neighbor’s …er, trash, however, I did find two great planters (just like ones I bought in the spring). They’re now in my backyard, awaiting flowers. I had pulled over to take a picture for my blog, but couldn’t resist.

(In case you’re wondering, the umbrella, mattress and platform bed are now gone. Don’t bother stopping by for them. Scavengers already got them).


  1. Our town has bulk pick up once a month. We pay for it in our yearly garbage bill. I think people come from out of town to take a look at the offerings–with flashlights at night! I usually feel confident that if something good is put out that it will find a home and it always does!

  2. […] And I’m growing strawberries in the pot I scavenged from the neighborhood bulk trash pick-up. […]

  3. […] around Cranford, the scene (depending on the street) was similar. It looked like bulk pick-up day, only everything was dirty and had been sitting in dirty water for a long period of time. On my […]

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