Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | June 21, 2010

Italian Ice Eating Contest

Last Saturday Zack had his last baseball game of the season. At the end, we chose one of the two competing ice cream trucks for our treat. He got a soft-serve cone, I got an Italian ice (mango, cherry and lemon flavors – I couldn’t decide so I got everything but the blue). It took me a few minutes to eat that treat.

Enter the first annual Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice eating contest. The winner ate 21 ices in seven minutes (brain freeze!!!). The video is worth watching (it’s short) – because the winners’ comments are funny. Fortunately it’s not disgusting like a pie eating contest (without a fork) or a hot dog eating contest

Competitive eaters brave the cold at Italian ice eating championship

And how cool am I that I figured out how to embed video in my blog post – that’s a first for me!!! (Actually I just hope it works – given my “preview” page I’m not sure.) So if it doesn’t work, not only am I NOT cool, but here’s the link.

Thanks to Gwen for posting the video on Facebook!


  1. Ugh. I’m so NOT cool. The HTML code is in there – not sure why the video didn’t post. Anyone know?

  2. the video link worked for me, you ARE COOL! BTW, I think I got a brain freeze watching it! Or maybe it’s from the frozen yogurt I just finished eating. (Do they even have that in NJ?)

  3. I don’t think Nathan’s is in any danger

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