Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | June 22, 2010

The class party

It’s the end of the year. Here’s the only thing Dori reports about her class party (and she does it in one breath:

“I had two Hershey’s kisses and two Crackles. I ate one Dunkin Donut hole and another donut shaped like a “9” with sprinkles on it. I ate one sugar cookie from my teacher, and one Dorito. Then I had a handful of spicy Doritos and am addicted. They’re soooo good. I had a gummy bear, but only ate it with my front teeth because of the palette expander. I also ate a gummy worm with my front teeth. I had a cupcake but the frosting was kind of disgusting. We were supposed to have juice boxes but one of the other teachers accidentally took them out of the refrigerator for their class.

Apparently the only thing they did at the party was gorge themselves with junk food.


  1. I forgot to mention all the cheese doodles – broken AND whole…

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