Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | June 24, 2010

Mysterious Tree Removal

This spring the tree removal companies were out in full swing, buzzing down giant trees and branches from people’s yards. Mostly these were services hired by the homeowners themselves. We saw a lot of them during our morning walk to school. And if there were enough trees on that lot (or they were large enough), we’d see them in the afternoons as well.

One house, though, had the tree removal service there for days. They chopped down trees in the front and back – and the house looked a bit bare and sad when they were done. The wood was sawed up into smaller chunks – most of it carted away by the truckload – many trucks over. Even a month later, there’s a huge pile of sawdust or shredded tree on their lawn.

I couldn’t figure out why they’d cut down all their trees, but one of my morning walking partners said that’s a typical thing to do in this town – if you’re planning to sell your house to a developer. He said the developers are not allowed to tear trees down to make larger houses – they have to stay a certain size depending on the trees on the lot.

But the owners can do what they like with the trees, and sometimes make deals with the developer before tearing them down and selling the lot. Or they tear the trees down in anticpation of selling to a developer because the lots are then worth more money.

He said the tell-tale signs are that the house is in disprepair and then the trees all come down. Then look  for the house to be torn down – a McMansion put up in its place (or at least something other than a small Cape or split-level home).

I’ll let you know if my friend is right.

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