Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | June 27, 2010

The Pool

For many towns in New Jersey, the town pool is where life happens in the summer. And that’s the case with our town pool. It was renovated a few years ago, and it’s awesome – a giant area with muliple pools and play areas. It’s so popular people wanting to become new members used to stay in line overnight to get in. If you’re a fathful reader of my blog (all 10 of you – thanks Mom and Dad (they count as two)), you’ll know that the gods of New Jersey were looking out for us this year, and we got in off the wait list – in spite of being 265th.

Since the pool opened in mid-June, we’ve been seven times (yes, we’re counting). We love that cvery time we go, we actually know people. Usually it’s our neighbors, and our new-found cousins, and some kids from school, who say “Hi Zack’s Mom!’.

At the pool (and later when hanging out with other men), the guys compare stories of the hot moms at the pool. They really do talk about this! There are plenty of hot moms at this pool. Women who have given birth and still look great in a bikini. Some are even tan. Granted, there are many not-hot moms too. Oddly, I’ve never once heard women comparing stories about the hot dads at the pool. Maybe because there aren’t any (unless Mark is there, of course).

You can see the groups of tweens/teens, the girls parading around in their bikinis, adjusting their tiny tops every few steps. They congregate in gaggles, giggling and walking around together. The high school boys strut their stuff.

When there’s a potential emergency (which happens every single time we’re there), a lifeguard will blow her whistle in short bursts continually, pointing to the problematic person. I half expect to see those in the pool jump out, leaving behind a floating piece of doo-doo. Instead, every single person in the pool area stares at the offender for the next few minutes, while also looking to see how fast the large group of Baywatch lifeguards start running in a pack, from the lifeguard office, echoing their whistle blows, to the closest dry spot. By this time, the initial whistle-blower has jumped in and grabbed the confused person from the 2-4 foot deep pool. They were usually just horsing around.  Then the hot mom comes running over yelling “MY KID CAN SWIM!!!” intimating that the lifeguard is overreacting. I’m waiting for the day when the whistle gets blown on Zack, while he pretends to drown while he plays.

A few years ago at another pool in town, a kid actually drowned, while hundreds of others were there. My neighbor saw the whole thing and said it was (understandably) horrifying.

This is Dori jumping in off the high dive last summer – when we went as someone’s guest. Sadly the high dive was since removed since some kid ruined it for the rest of us by falling off the side of the board, onto the concrete, instead of jumping INTO the pool. I know, I cringed too when I heard this. Fortunately the kid is fine. You can see the water slides behind the diving board.

The pool complex is pretty big. It has a large pool going as deep as 4 feet (i.e. not that deep). The bummer is you can’t bring in pool toys, throw your kids or generally do anything fun other than splash, or the lifeguards will yell at you. They’re very strict. They yelled at me last week for bringing Zack into the hot tub (that’s not hot – it’s pool temperature). Apparently it’s an adults-only spot. There’s a lap pool (used heavily for the swim team), a 13 foot deep pool for the diving board, two water slides going into their own pool, and a kiddie water play area. That has two wading pools and lots of colorful spraying water structures (I think pool toys are allowed). When you’re bored swimming, there’s a play structure and some ping pong tables. And the requisite snack bar. And even the Italian Ice cart that roams around the pool area.

Just so you know the lingo, the slide on the right is the “dark slide.” It’s much faster than the open slide. I can rid it twice before I start feeling motion sick. Zack wants me to type that when he first tried the dark slide, it was scary. But now it’s fun.

When you come to visit us, if it’s during pool season, we’ll take you there. And buy you an Italian ice too.


  1. Wow, this looks like fun! Sam will be green with envy when he sees the photos! Can I have a cherry water ice? We’ll save you good seats at Leo Ryan Park for the fireworks on July 4. 😉

  2. Love the picture of Dori jumping and love Zack’s well said contribution!

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