Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 2, 2010

The Garden

I apologize if you’re sick of my garden by now. Feel free to delete this post without reading it. I’m just so excited that I still have living plants after 1.5 months! Let’s see what we have:

My garden as of June 30, 2010

My initial garden in May, 2010

I planted three magic (green) bean seeds – two are growing!

The Green Beans

The broccoli stalk is taking off…

Choppin' broccoliiiiiiiii

My tomato plant is growing like a weed – thanks Albert for the taller cage! To the right of it is a huge zucchini plant.

Yellow tomatoes...let's hope!

The hanging tomato plants are still alive, but not growing as quickly as I thought they would.

Trendy hanging tomato plants

And I’m growing strawberries in the pot I scavenged from the neighborhood bulk trash pick-up.

I have two tomato seedings in the garden – that I have no idea how they got there. They look just like the ones in the hanging plant, but I didn’t plant them there. Hmmm. The acorn squash seedlings I planted from seed are quite busy and abundant, and the bell pepper plant and zucchini plants I bought have gotten much bigger too. The unknown squash varietal that first sprouted in the compost bin is still alive and thriving after its replanting in the garden.

It’s not all been successful. The lettuce mat, and shoots planted from seed, died (or didn’t take off). The numerous bell pepper sprouts I grew from seed mostly died, their leaves eaten by something. There are a few small plants still there, but I don’t have high hopes. The basil planted from seed shriveled (though the lemon basil we bought is still alive). The pumpkin plant is dying, and I lost a yellow squash plant I bought.

We’ll see what happens when the produce starts coming in. I can see some strawberries growing and hope I’ll get more than 2 strawberries a season (which, in Foster City, were plucked when just ripe by our backyard rat).


  1. Great to have the time-lapse photos. Can’t wait to eat the results!

  2. Good for you, Deb! (And your garden helpers!) I’m so impressed. NJ-as-garden-state is definitely having its effect on you!

  3. Wow! Amazing. My thumb is as black as they come–so jealous.

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