Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 6, 2010

Mystery bugs

Mark was the talk of the block when he reseeded the lawn late spring. He roped off the area and spent the weekend raking up the dead patchy grass and reseeding. Then he watered twice a day – gaining quite the reputation as the lawn guy.

So imagine our horror last week when we discovered numerous holes in the lawn.

We went searching around the holes one night, and Zachary spotted a beetle

Nasty, nasty, May/June beetle

Yes, it’s okay to say “Ewwwwwww.”

Then we found several more. After some online research, we learned that this is a May beetle (or a June beetle). They either bury themselves in the ground and create these holes, or animals go rooting around the ground looking to find them for dinner.

Basically, we’re screwed. They eat eat plant roots and grass roots.


  1. Hey, I find this entire post defamatory and offensive to my good name!

  2. A ha! We’ve been wondering why squirrels (we think) seem to be digging large holes in our grass here, when we didn’t have this problem in NY. I’m forwarding this to my husband.

  3. Ah suburbia, east coast style. We only have Ferral cats to worry about here in FC. Maybe we could turn a few loose in your yard…think they eat beatles? (And yes, it IS to me! to answer the questions What’s it to youse?)

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