Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 16, 2010

Hello? Anyone there?

Gotta love state waste. No, not the trash service. The $3.2 million New Jersey is spending a year on 20,000 phone lines. The newspaper claims is 1/6th of all state-paid phone lines. A recent audit showed that no outgoing calls were made from 38,478 landlines during the last few months of 2009. One line was maintained for six years after the person left the job.

And then there’s the $25 million in fraudulent charges which is on track to exceed last year’s numbers. False claims pulled $25 million for the state’s unemployment insurance system each year (for 2 years). There were more than 7,000 fake claims – many from workers who were legitimately laid off at one point, but continued getting funds after finding work again. The state is looking at a $97 million fraudulent claim loss since 2006.

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