Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 23, 2010

Our first year in NJ

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wrote a long post about our first year in New Jersey – but it was boring. I deleted it. I tried posting photos in the main page here, but it didn’t work well with formatting. So it’s deleted. Now we have a slideshow from our first year in NJ. Hopefully it will give you a better idea of our last year. Enjoy!


  1. Wow what a year. Your house is so beautiful. Moving can be so hard but you make it look easy.

  2. Had you know these would be the first year photos, would you have cried less before moving?

  3. Mark – I probably would still have cried just as much.
    Joanie – Ah, thanks! It’s not been an easy year, but given what you’ve been going through, I have no complaints.

  4. Our favorite pics were of fall and snow. I remember how much you (Debbie in particular) loved winter in Wisconsin! The kids look great. Have a terrific 2nd year.

    Bob and Ruth

  5. Loved your slide show! Haven’t seen a cub scout that cute in a long time. And Dori looks so grown up…I think she was less than a year old when you came to visit Boston. Please let us know if you are ever close by again….to be sure, I will definitely try to make a side trip to Jersey next time we visit NYC.
    Have a great Year 2!!

  6. Still miss you all the same. But you are superthriving in NJ! Great times, thanks for sharing!

  7. Quite a year, and all of you look like you’ve acclimated quite well (esp given it was one of the snowiest winters on record). How’s the heat been this summer?

  8. Wow! 12 months, 4 seasons, 1 school year, 4 birthdays and a bunch of adventures! You always know how to make me cry! But it’s because I’m really happy for all of you and you all have accomplished so much in one year. Can’t wait until our next visit. Maybe next time we’ll actually be able to “see” the statue of liberty!

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