Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 2, 2010

Pizza Run

How is it possible to gain weight after a 5k run?  Mark proved it can happen – during the Westfield Pizza Race. After running the 3+ miles in 28 minutes, he ran to the pizza table, and scarfed down 5 slices of cheese pizza, 4 chocolate chip cookies and two sodas. And he didn’t even puke. Zachary was so inspired (by “free” pizza and t-shirt) that he’s vowing to run it next year. He and Mark have gone on several training runs around the block.

The 2,600 runners included a ton of kids, including a girl from Zack’s first grade class. Who ran the entire race.

It took more than a week, but I finally got the answer I was looking for (I’m such a geek): they served 630 pizzas, made at a discounted rate by several local pizzerias (including our fave, Buonas). With 2,600 runners and only 630 pizzas, that means Mark ate more than his fair share (and so did we).

Where's Waldo?

Larry the Lighthouse (he finished, but way behind Mark)

Dori and friends waiting for Mark by the finish line

The pizza huts


  1. Near St. Louis there was a long bike race called something like the Donut Race. Runners stopped several times along the way to eat donuts, and got time off for every donut eaten. So there was a competitive advantage to being able to snarf many donuts fast.

    At least Mark waited until the end!

  2. Audrey – that sounds nasty! Mark did a beer run earlier this year – they had all-you-can-drink beer at the end. Then you get to drive home. yeah.

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