Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 3, 2010

The Garden…again

After returning from 2 weeks vacation, I was worried about how the garden would fare in my absence. Fortunately my neighbor could be bribed with chocolate to water, and Mark did some watering as well (though he never bothered to actually look at the plants so he could give me a report).

We’ve now eaten our third tomato from the garden. The tomatoes were…fine. No fireworks.

The bell pepper grew.





  I still can’t figure out how we’re going to eat the broccoli.

what the hell is this?

We harvested our 8th green bean. 

Grow 20 more and we'll have a side dish

Our yellow tomato plant is finally producing…

It will turn yellow somedayaren't they cute?


  1. If we have to grow all our own food we will starve. Dori’s fish might be a target!

  2. I found your blog interesting and humorous. I have had similar experiences with the beans – only with soy beans. I had this thought that I could grow edemame – so tasty! Well, about 15 bean pods later, it just wasn’t that satisfying. Keep up the good work – I can’t wait to see how your big your green bell pepper gets. Here is my blog of my garden adventures if you are interested .

    Tomato Ted

  3. I hear you on that one. However, I can keep my family in Chard and lettuce for 9 months or so. It’s kinda hit and miss for other veggies.

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