Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 12, 2010

NJ road signs

You may have heard me complaining about New Jersey road signs. Especially if I’m driving you to or picking you up from Newark International Airport. Well here’s why:

Quick! Which of the 7 freeways do you want to take?

Again...quick decision!

Ah, such a selection

It's perfectly clear which direction to go


  1. OMG Debbie, this posting made me laugh out loud. This is ridiculous!

    I never comment but I read your blog all of the time and love it.

  2. Highway to Hell

  3. I showed this to my brother-in-law who totally appreciated it. He said you should send it to the NJ Transit Authority. (he lives in NJ of course)

  4. I know those signs…there’s another one where the NJ Turnpike is available if you go left OR right. I think us Jersey-folks just don’t want other people driving in our state.


  5. Joelle – I don’t think Jersey folks don’t even want their OWN people driving in the state! 🙂

  6. I love this post! Oh, and each of those pics have the NJTP trailblazer (you know, that green thingy that looks sorta like a square with the top left and bottom right corners cut off and has a white border) – I have to admit that I love them! They scream childhood to me!

  7. […] blogged before about the crazy intersections and exchanges in New Jersey. Click this link to see an overview of the Newark Airport intersection. For those who have visited […]

  8. […] hearing stories of your guests getting lost while driving in New Jersey, you’ll realize how far you’ve come in the past five […]

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