Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 15, 2010

In the News

We’ve had some hard hitting news in our town lately. As you know from my last post, school started. In what’s sure to be a Pulitzer Prize winning story, the prestigious Star-Ledger reported that over the summer, the Westfield Public School District janitorial crew “worked on 902,000 square feet of rooms, hallways and stairwells in 10 schools and 75 acres of play-ground areas and fields.”

With this kind of news, perhaps it’s no surprise that our local high school rank fell from 27 to 41 in New Jersey Monthly Magazine’s yearly poll.  While not included here, the very large accompanying photo showed three members of the janitorial and maintenance staff, in what looked like a very clean classroom.

Hard-hitting news from Westfield public schools

But there’s more! Remember how my kids were very unhappy to smile for my back-to-school photos? Our neighbor, professional photographer, publicist and volunteer extraordinaire Albert Paglialunga (I can’t pronounce his name either), took this photo on the first day of school.

It made the front page of the county newspaper, and a spot in the illustrious local paper. Zack and Dori were encouraged to get into the picture before it was taken, but they refused. They’d had enough of my photos for the day. Zack was NOT happy to see that he missed out on TWO opportunities be a local star.

For your San Francisco fans out there, take a look at this photo and caption and tell me what’s wrong.

Honeymooning in the SF Bay Area

For those who can’t read the caption, it says “Maggie Fram of Westfield is on her honeymoon with her husband Daniel at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. A writer for the newspaper, she poses with a recent issue of the Westfield Leader.”

Okay, did you figure it out? Here’s a clue. What’s in the background, besides the Golden Gate Bridge?  That’s right. San Francisco! The photo is actually taken from Golden Gate NATIONAL RECREATION AREA – in the Marin Headlands. Golden Gate Park is on the OTHER side of that bridge – in San Francisco. Reporters don’t usually write the captions, but they do have to provide the correct information to the editor.

If you want to see a similar view – the photo I took, check out my Frisco Kids blog header. You’ll notice it was taken from the other side of the hill she’s standing in front of. By the way, Mark I got engaged in that same area.

Unfortunately I read the paper a week later than it was published, or I would have sent a letter to the editor. By the time the next issue arrived, a Westfield High School grad, now living in San Francisco, had already done the job.

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