Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 15, 2010

Walk to School Day

I’m so excited that Walk your Child to School Day is  next week.  For the uninitiated, that’s where everyone in town chooses this ONE day to walk to school, and then they go right back to driving.

The parents feel good about getting into the sunshine and having their kids get a wee bit of exercise – for one day only. The air is less polluted. They don’t get stressed over finding a parking spot. And the kid gets to sign a giant banner saying that they walked to school – proving how cool they are. A few even win a t-shirt.

Here’s Dori’s t-shirt from last year. She proudly displays it, worn by our garden scarecrow:

Dori - how do you REALLY feel about walking to school?

We need to turn in our “Yes, I want to walk!” form by this Friday, so the kids can be entered into a raffle. The winners get a special t-shirt (see above) and get  to walk to school with

-the school prinicipal, or

-a police officer or firefighter

OR – the grand prize winner

-the MAYOR

The kids are begging me NOT to turn in their forms. Of course they don’t yet realize that Mommy has a blog to write, and if they win, I have another stellar entry with photo op. And they’ll make the local paper. They also don’t realize that they can throw the actual form out in the trash (or recycling) when they get to school.

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