Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 20, 2010

Dori’s cake

Dori inherited my love of baking cakes. Here’s what she made me for my birthday.

Chocolate devil's food cake with dark chocolate frosting and a ton of food coloring that you can't actually see

Words can’t describe its taste. Nor can words adequately describe the amount of food gel and food coloring used on this dark background. I now need to get more food coloring at the store. Apparently four (half-full) containers were barely enough for this masterpiece. The middle splotch is a blob of cream cheese frosting – colored bruisy-purple. Those initials on the bottom are from the two girls who made the cake – Dori and a friend. Apparently it’s not enough to sign a work of art on canvas – you must also sign the work of art of cake. And the yellow/green blob on top is a rabbit. In case you missed it.

Because I’m so nice,  I let the kids cut into any part of the cake they wanted. And I let them have seconds. For lunch. Here’s what it looked like after 4 kids chose their pieces (and cut slices for Mark and me).

I know you're drooling

There’s still some left. If you get here soon enough.

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