Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 22, 2010

Jerseylicious and me

It was bound to happen sooner or later. With so many reality television shows shot in New Jersey, at some point a producer or casting agent would come calling. Well, not calling me, but someone who knows someone I know. The day spa.

As a post-birthday indulgence, I was going to treat myself to an expensive manicure – not the $8 ones I get when I’m in Manhattan, but one where the salon technicians speak English. In front of you.

Hoping for a walk-in appointment, I stopped by On the Side Day Spa while the kids were in school (I was in the neighborhood – vacuuming all the leaves, sand and Cheerios out the minivan a few blocks away).

Alas, they had nothing until 3:30 – when a cast member and filming crew from Jerseylicious would be coming by for an unnamed treatment (after shooting down the street at cooking school Classic Thyme).  If I didn’t mind a possible appearance on the show, I could book something then. Did I mind??? (You can get caught up on Jerseylicious here)

My mind started racing. In spite of the 85 degree weather, should I wear my fur coat to the spa? Which dress of mine showed the most cleavage? I’d need to put on make-up of course. I think I remember how to do that. And definitely change from sneakers into peep-toe heels. Not that I even own those. Is it too late for a spray tan? Where do you even get a spray tan?

Unfortunately my kids would not be welcome at the day spa. So I had to go home to try calling in some  favors. Could someone take my kids for the afternoon so I could get a manicure? Wow. I really DO live in New Jersey. Here’s my one opportunity to have a cameo on the least-known New Jersey reality TV series – and I might blow it because I need babysitting. Which I didn’t get. Oh well.


  1. Spray Tan? Spray Tan?!? A REAL Jersey girl would have been hitting the tanning bed regularly. Have the last 14 months taught you nothing???

  2. […] that wait, were two Jersey women, deserving of a spot on one of our famed reality shows Jerselicious or Real Housewives of New Jersey. One wore a tight animal print top with her ample boobs popping […]

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