Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 23, 2010

Sukkot and New Jersey

Celebrating sukkot in New Jersey is different than celebrating it in California. None of our Jewish friends in town have a sukkah, but we’ve seen some in the neighboring town (granted, those people probably belong to our synagogue). The newspaper carried a story this week about the National Sukkah Outlet in Passaic. They sell sukkahs and supplies. Their most popular is the E-Z Sukkah needing no tools (Jews aren’t that handy). Check out their modular fiberglass orange sukkah – it looks like something you’d find in Dwell Magazine.

We had a handyman over recently to do some work. It turns out he’s Jewish. “I’m the only Jewish handyman in the world,” he told me. I mentioned that we put up our sukkah this weekend, and he said he used to do that every year for some of his customers. It never occurred to me to hire a handyman to put a sukkah, but I guess it makes sense. If you’re not handy (like Mark).

The sukkah is all done now – but I haven’t taken any pictures of it finalized.


  1. I love sukkot! since living in Rochester, we have built a sukkah. Stay tuned to my blog about having a sukkah and why this holiday blows chanukkah out of the water for those of us who want to get down and crafty with our Judaism

  2. I hate that Jews have the reputation of not being handy. My dad was handy. Both of my grandfathers were handy (one owned a gas station and was a mechanic). My male first cousins are all handy…

  3. Alyson – I want you in my family! My dad is handy – I wish I paid more attention growing up. My husband’s family – not handy AT ALL. Fortunately he is learning how to be a little handy, but he’s learning on his own.

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