Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | October 6, 2010


If you were on our block last week, you might have wondered why the hook and ladder truck was flashing its lights – in front of our house. No, I did not burn anything in the kitchen! (you’ll read about that fire department visit in the holiday letter)

here comes the fire department...and the neighbors!

Phone wires from our house came down in the storm (fortunately they didn’t knock out our phone or internet – or god forbid, the TV). The wires rested on my car, meaning we couldn’t move the car. Of course the phone company was no help – they offered to call us back in 24 hours proposing when they might grace us with a visit.

So we called the fire department, figuring they’d at least block of the area until the phone company arrived. You see, the wire went over the sidewalk and would have caught any of the male dogwalkers in the neighborhood in the neck. And since we didn’t know whether the wires were dangerous, that could have been realllllly bad.

The truck arrived within 3 minutes of our call, which means:

1. their station is only a block away

2. there was really nothing going on in town that night – except maybe they were cooking dinner.

They put the wires back up for us, so we didn’t even need the phone company after all.  Phew!

The kids liked watching the ladder automatically move from the side of the truck to the truck’s roof. Ah, our tax dollars at work. And nice firemen that they were, they let Zachary check out the truck.


  1. You didn’t want to mention that before I called the police department you tried “alerting” the neighborhood by tying a plastic bag around the wire? Which is still there? Which will be there longer than the toilet paper that some kid on our block is putting up there?

  2. details…details…

  3. They’re coming to take me away hah hah!….

  4. from your previous post, I would have thought the washing machine not working would have been a bigger problem. Glad all is well.

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