Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | October 20, 2010

Trash talking

In our town, we get to choose our own trash company. From a list of 19 on the town’s website. Of those listed, there’s no mention of which companies provide residential service, and which ones provide commercial. We started calling around and none of them actually answered their phones. Or returned messages. Apparently they didn’t want our business. We finally decided that the first company that actually spoke to us, got our business.

One company finally took the bait. They picked up our trash for about a year, give or take those times they forgot. Which was more often than we cared for. So when a new company came to town, offering low prices for a year, we signed on. Could they be worse than the company we already had?

The new company is a family-owned business, probably similar to those featured on the Sopranos. After I signed up online, they confirmed the service via their Hotmail account (thus instilling confidence in their professionalism), and then in a phone call from one of the company owners. He said they’d send us an invoice via email every three months, if that was okay. Given that the last company made me pay upfront for 3 months, with auto-payment that didn’t allow us to cancel during that time period (or even when an invoice was generated), and  I had to deal with corporate in Kentucky, the new system sounded just fine with me.

The owner told us they’d pick up our trash on Thursday (our regular day used to be Monday).

So I left my trash out on Monday, just in case our old company accidentally picked it up. They didn’t. However, the new company did. Oops! The trash company owner, who collected our waste in his pick-up truck with high side rails, said trash day is actually on Monday – his error.

Many trash companies here pick up your trash from the back of the house (where the unsightly cans are stored). They take pains to avoid using the driveway, instead stomping across your grass, dragging their big can through it. But we finally had our driveway sealcoated, so we left our trash out front by the curb on Monday. What do you know? The OLD trash company picked up the garbage. For free!

Later that day, we got an email from the new trash company, sent to all their customers in our town. That would be all two customers. The owner said this week they’d pick up on Tuesday, because they weren’t able to make it on Monday.

It’s possible the new company will still turn out to be better than the old one. Time will tell. In the meantime, if I refer you to this new company and you sign up, I get a free month of trash service. So if you’re looking for a new trash company, consider this as my glowing endorsement.



  1. That’s funny and sounds like something that would happen here, believe it or not. Except that we don’t even have trash service on this island. We are responsible for hauling our waste to the nearest collection station. Good thing we compost/recycle so much!

  2. […] posted here before about our strange garbage service. Apparently not all of NJ is this way – each town handles it differently. Our town lets you […]

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