Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | October 22, 2010

Corn Maze – with Mark

Last year, when Mark was out of town, the kids and I did our first corn maze. We entered and I let the kids lead the way. We got utterly lost, but the kids had fun…for the first hour. Then they started getting tired and grumpy. There were stations where you could look at a map to see where you were. Of course when the map looks like this, it’s hard to figure out how to get out. (yes, the map looks pink, but that’s because my camera was dying)

We finally found a staff member who could tell us how to get out. By the time we exited, we spent two hours in there and the kids were exhausted.

We went back this year – with Mark. What a difference in approach. Before we even went in, Mark had studied the map and made mental calculations as to how we’d proceed through in the minimal amount of time (did I mention Mark didn’t really want to GO to the corn maze in the first place?)

We entered, and he started barking out directions. After 10 minutes, the kids got frustrated being told what to do. I pulled Mark aside, telling him that it’s more fun for them when THEY get to make some decisions too. Parenting moment. They took the lead and we got utterly lost.

Here, Dori is trying to “read” the map with special red film, as Zack holds the map on his back.

After 30 minutes, we found a map station and Mark started mapping out again, how we get out. He took notes on where we should go left, and where we should go right. The kids were torn. They wanted to make the decisions, but they also wanted to get out to try some of the other mazes. We took a vote and Mark got  to take the lead. Until Zack wanted to go whatever direction he fancied. Then we got lost again.

Then the kids got bored again and wanted to get out. Mark took the lead and we got out in record time (one hour and 15 minutes). The kids were still in a good mood. Parenting lesson for me.

This year's maze


  1. I did a corn maze as a chaperone for a class trip. Never again! I was dizzy and confused the whole time. At least we had cider donuts at the end

  2. Cheryl – I think the idea of going with a group of kids sounds like HELL. Mark said maybe we could meet up with other boy scout families to do the maze, and I said no. I thought dealing with the four of us (and only two kids), was enough for me!

  3. spousely lesson for you too. Letting husband lead the corn maze means you get to visit the “cutesy” main street where we also finally found that birdhouse you were looking for.

  4. My 16 year old daughter and her friend talked us into doing the maze last Friday night…in the dark …with flashlights. They went off on their own while my wife and I went out in a different direction. I have no idea how we all made it out alive!

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