Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 12, 2010

Jersey Week

I have a lot to say about our Disneyworld trip, but only a few minutes to say it (I’ve got work to do!).

Jersey Week – we heard all about how Disneyworld is inundated with New Jerseyans/New Jerseyites (anyone care to fill me in on the correct term?) during the Teacher’s Convention week (last week). For those who don’t live here, every year there’s a teacher’s convention during the Thursday/Friday of the first week in November. Not sure if any teachers actually go, or they just get paid days off (from complaints I’ve heard from others), but we do get two days of no school.

Teacher’s Convention = Disneyworld invasion by NJ families. We’d been told we’d run into people we knew there, but didn’t believe them. We’ve only lived here a year and four months. We ran into three families we knew.  From New Jersey. Go figure.


So after you read this, head over to Jersey Kids to read the 15 Things I Learned at Disneyworld. For the record, I learned a lot more than 15 things, but you have to limit it if people are going to read it.

Disneyworld wants New Yorkers and New Jerseyers to feel at home there. So they have stores like this:

New Yorkers, please note the letters on this subway line to Brooklyn.

The great thing about going during Jersey Week is that if you arrive at opening, the first few hours of rides look like this:

Except Toy Story. The shortest line there was posted at 90 minutes.

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