Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 29, 2010

More garbage

I’ve posted here before about our strange garbage service. Apparently not all of NJ is this way – each town handles it differently. Our town lets you choose your own garbage service.

To recap – we weren’t happy with our original garbage service. They would forget to pick up our garbage. We cancelled them and went with a company new to our town, who promised great service and cheap prices for a year. In the six weeks we had them, they forgot to pick our trash twice, and they picked up on different days than they originally said (because they didn’t have enough customers). Finally they called it quits and said they’d send our money back. The check should be in the mail today. Any garbage already picked up, was “on them.”

In the meantime, our old garbage company continued to pick up our trash. Every week. Finally, when I got a past due notice for $20 they said I owed  from before I cancelled, I called them to clear it up. The $20 was wiped off the books, and I told them that they continued to pick up. They apologized, and picked up our trash for another two weeks.

The week that our new company stopped picking up the garbage, our old company stopped picking up our trash. Alas, we now had no trash service and our can was spilling over.

I called my neighbor Albert’s trash service. I got the prices/dates from the guy who answered, and mentioned that we really only need once a week pick-up. They’ll let us put out three cans, twice a week.  He asked how much we paid the last company, and then dropped our monthly trash price by 20%. I never knew you could negotiate trash pick-up costs. Welcome to Jersey.

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