Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 30, 2010

Driving with the GPS

We’re baffled when we see how many New Jersey towns have similar names here – and they’re not always located close together. Read the list below, and stay with me. There’s more to the story at the bottom.

-Union and Union City

-Roselle, Roselle Park, Rosedale, Roseland, Rosemont

-Glen Ridge, Glen Rock, Glendora, Glendola, Glenwood

-Woodbine, Woodbridge, Woodbury, Woodbury Heights, Woodglen, Woodlane, Woodport, Woodstock, Woodstown, Woodsville.

So you might understand how I drove to Montvale instead of Montville, when meeting friends for dinner the other night. I checked Mapquest before I left, and saw that it was 40 minutes away. I got a brief glance at the map, and was a little concerned that my GPS sent me on a different route, but it does that sometimes. And usually, you make it to the right spot. However Main Street in Montvale is a residential neighborhood, and on Main Street in Montville, there’s an actual restaurant, with friends waiting at the table.

I drove 40 minutes to Montvale, only to discover I was in the wrong town. And to get to Montville? Another 40 minutes. At least they had a glass of wine waiting for me.

the idiot in the middle, and her friends from NJ

P.S. Montville is where Theresa from Real Housewives of New Jersey lives. I didn’t see her, but I did have dinner with someone whose daughter is in the same class as Gia. Does that make me famous?

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