Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | January 13, 2011


In case any of you were wondering how Mark is handling unemployment, and what he does all day, let this photo tell you. Remember, a photo is worth…1,000 pieces. Up next: Where’s Waldo.

I left my heart in San Francisco


  1. Only 999 pieces. They ripped us off!

  2. My husband plays Settlers on line. I’m guessing he’s gotten in at least 345 games since last September …

    • I didn’t know you could play Settlers online! I’ll have to check that out. We still need to find locals who play (or we can train them). Too bad you don’t live closer…

    • WOW, me too! I LOVE Settlers but haven’t had time to play since the Kaplans left California. (Also, they were our only playing partners, so… we’ll have to “train somebody” in California…) I better stay away from the Settlers website… not enough time to get my work done as it is.

  3. Well, at least he’s not whipping anybody’s butt in Scrabble or Boggle, so I wholeheartedly endorse his preoccupation with puzzles.

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