Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | February 2, 2011

The Cub Scout Bake-Off

Mark and Zack prepared for the annual Cub Scout Father/Son bake-off.  Mark’s not really known for his creative baking skills, and Zack isn’t known for his attention to detail. Given the time limitations (we were out of town the weekend before, and they had one night to bake), they decided on brownies shaped like gingerbread men. Here’s the result:

the gingerbread army

the one-legged wonder

oozing something...

Here was the competition:

the patriotic entry

the baked ice cream cones

best use of Cub Scout theme: red velvet tigers and wolves and bears, oh my!

best racetrack theme

these tasted awesome (cream cheese blended with Oreos and rolled in a ball)

And to show that talent runs in the family, here is the entry from our cousins:

our cousins' entry (brownies, like us!)


  1. Your husband’s photos demonstrates he has no future in photography, either

  2. Next year I’ll get you the recipe to make Eagle heads from marshmellows…a favorite at Eagle Courts of Honor. They stick them on a toothpick on a cupcake. Very creative and Scout-like.

  3. Love the eight legged wonder–is this a recipe from the kaplan culinary institute?

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