Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | February 13, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Well, compared to last year, this year’s Pinewood Derby event was a bust for the Kaplan family. Instead of being the first place Jew in our den, three Jews were ahead of us, and we only beat two. Zack came in 7th out of 11th. Not bad considering his wheel fell off during two of the three races. When we got home, we threw the wheel out (it wouldn’t stay on) and now Zack is upset because “who wants a 3-wheeled Derby car?” He has a point.

Here’s Zack’s car:

It’s supposed to look like a pencil, and it sort of does if you look at the front and the back of it (painted the appropriate colors by Zack). The things on top are weights to make it go faster (they’re legal).

Here is Dori’s car:

Dori entered the sibling race, and came in 7th, out of 13th. She was very happy her wheels stayed on. And she beat my favorite sibling car, the Barbie bathtub. Genius! There’s a big ole nail attaching Barbie’s head to the wood. And the body was cut off so she’ll look like she’s in the tub (it was the 2nd grader’s idea).

Our first grade neighbor outdid himself (or rather, Mom did).

You should have seen the kid’s Halloween costume!

These were my favorites:








Take a look at all the cars here.

And thank you to the Derbyman, whose photos are posted here.

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