Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | February 18, 2011

Congratulations – Part 2

It just keeps getting better and better. Another package arrived today via UPS from Mark’s soon-to-be-former employer. Maybe THIS is the severance package?


The certificate is actually framed and ready for hanging or propping up on the desk. Or it’s ready for the recycling file, where Mark’s colleague threw his 10 year certificate after getting laid off as well.

Next, we’re waiting for the invitation for Mark to have a group breakfast or lunch with the site president to celebrate this important  milestone. He’ll just have to get someone to let him back into the building for that one. Either that, or the email invitation will bounce at his work email address.

By the way, we LOVE getting all the comments (whether  by blog, Facebook or by email), from those of you who have had similarly wacky employer experiences. It gives us faith that the rest of corporate America is no better than this company and we should keep our expectations low.


  1. I am sure if you put Zack or Dorry to work on it they could come up with a creative and hillarious use for it. (It’ll entertain then for 15 minutes, regardless). See if you can challenge them to come up with a creative use for it (and send pictures of course).

    BTW will be in your neck of the woods soon so maybe we can get together one night whil I am in town?


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