Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | February 28, 2011

New Jersey Car Bingo

We went on a roadtrip last week since the kids had off for President’s Day Week. We played car bingo from a generic car bingo set I bought years ago. We decided that New Jersey Car Bingo would be much more fun. Here’s our version.

B                             I                          N                      G                      O

Car Accident


Dunkin’ Donuts Gas Station in Middle of Highway EZ Pass Sign Rusty Bridge
Road Kill


Sign for GS Parkway or Turnpike Overhead Sign with 4 or more Highway Choices Smoke Stack Portuguese BBQ
Bad Traffic


Pot Holes Diner Italian Restaurant Pot Holes (again)
Jug Handle


Road Construction Exit on Left Graveyard Street changes names at intersection (same town)
Toll Booth


Litter View of Manhattan Parking Meter No Left Turn



  1. You forgot these! 🙂

    Rolling field
    Cranberry bog
    Beautiful beach
    Scenic overlook
    Historic landmark
    State park
    County park
    Municipal park
    Fine university
    Apple or peach orchard
    Horse farm
    Mountain ski resort
    Breathtaking mansion
    Blueberry farm
    Canoe and kayak launch point
    Hiking trail
    Amusement park
    Five-star restaurant
    Art gallery
    Idyllic lake

    I love the Garden State!

  2. Gwen, those are all so…happy!!!

  3. This is so much fun! I love how you mark your squares for the things that one sees when driving or riding in a vehicle in NJ!

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